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Dear Friends and Fans.

It is the International Day of the Tiger and sadly we have lost 97% of all wild tigers in a bit over 100 years. Instead of 100,000, as few as 3000 live in the wild today. A number of Tiger species are already extinct in the wild. At this rate, all tigers living in the wild could be extinct in 5 years!

Two primary reasons of this unprecedented decline are –

Habitat loss
Tigers lost 93% of their natural habitat due to the expansion of cities and agriculture by humans.Fewer tigers can survive in small, scattered islands of habitat, which lead to a higher risk of inbreeding

Human wildlife conflict
People and tigers are competing for space. The conflict threatens the world’s remaining wild tigers and poses a major problem for communities living in or near tiger forests.

YOU can make a Difference on International Tiger Day in the survival of Tigers in the Wild:

Donate to the SAVE THE TIGER Foundation
Learn about the status of these magnificent animals

Happy 4th Of July!


Dear Friends and Fans,

From fabulous Las Vegas we celebrate all of you, your families and us on the Fourth of July and send you our very best wishes. The principles of America are good every day of the week, all year long, not just one day out of the year.

Every day we work on our own this great country… UNITED WE ARE STRONG!

We are having our own get together for our support system – our staff, their families and our close friends. It will be catered by the Hofbrauhaus team, and everyone is welcome to take a swim with the swans in our pond/pool.

We cherish our New Land; our relationship with America is a friendship, and as with any friendship you cannot take it for granted; you must nourish it and embrace it!


With A Heartfelt Roarrrrrrr from The Magician’s Lair,

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Celebrate July 4th – or any day! – with this stylish, wrap around, Stars & Stripes White Tiger T-Shirt, designed by Mr.Roy for Siegfried & Roy’s July 4th Celebration.

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The new Siegfried & Roy Online Store is live!


Dear Friends & Fans – The Official SIEGFRIED & ROY WEBSTORE IS NOW OPEN – and we are happy to announce our Summer Sale! Now our fans are able to purchase our books, DVDs, notecards, posters and children’s books -and the 2015 Calendar is now 50% off.

We will be adding new items to our Store in the coming months. Your purchases support the work of the SARMOTI Foundation and the conservation and protection of endangered and threatened animals. Thank you! – Siegfried & Roy


Happy Valentine’s Day!


“Today we embrace everyone who is dear to us. In all of our chests beats a red heart for our loved ones – Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Siegfried & Roy

In Honor of a Great American – Siegfried & Roy


Happy Birthday Champ!


We salute the Magic that is the Greatest Boxer of All Time – Happy Birthday Champ!

– Siegfried and Roy


Happy New Year!


Dear Friends & Fans,

We send a toast to all of you for a fantastic and beautiful New Year and 1,002,015 embraces and blessings to all of you. Our wish is that we will have another good year together – together we are strong.”

SARMOTI  – Siegfried & Roy”



“We are flying into the Christmas Season in our festive sleigh with our rescued family who are the real treasures!  Wishing  a Wonderful Christmas to you and yours – With Love & Respect, Siegfried & Roy”

Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear friends and fans,

At this time of Thanksgiving we pause
to count our blessings……
The love of Family and Friends.

The Freedom of this great 
Country in which we live.

The precious animals with whom we share the Planet.

For all of these things
we are deeply thankful.

Our best wishes for a 
Happy & Magical Thanksgiving!