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In Honor of Labor Day

The spirit of Labor Day has always had a special meaning for us, both as individuals and as American citizens. From a young age, both of us were raised with the importance of meaningful work in life. Roy’s mother always said, “If you want something, roll up your sleeves.” Siegfried always believed that “hard work, […]

Siegfried & Roy Celebrate Joel Olstein

Siegfried & Roy with Joel Osteen and Family at the Night of Hope in Las Vegas. Joel’s family also toured the Secret Garden during their visit.

“Secret Garden Chocolates” Now at the Mirage

We are very happy to announce that Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden Chocolates have arrived in the Secret Garden Stores and at Impulse inside the Mirage. We offer a box of three 1.75 bars of Premium Caramel Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate and a 3 oz bar of Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, all […]