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On the Passing of Robin Williams

robinwilliamsDear Fans and Friends of ours and of the great Robin Williams,
We send our deepest sympathy to all of you who are mourning his loss… The world has lost a Giant. He took the time to entertain us all and could make us laugh as well as bring us to tears; the only thing he couldn’t do was take the time to pamper and take care of himself – that is the heartbreaker.
Siegfried and I remember him well, one of our favorite visits happened on a trip to Los Angeles when we went to meet with DreamWorks regarding our animated series “Father of the Pride”. Suddenly a golf cart appeared and Steven Spielberg said, “Come on Guys” and took us to the set of the movie “Hook” where Robin was rehearsing his role as Peter Pan along with Dustin Hoffman as Capt. Hook and Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell – unfortunately we just missed Julia Roberts, but we did see Robin and Dustin.  Also involved in the project was the brilliant stage designer that did our Mirage show, John Napier.
He also visited our show several times, memorably on my 50th birthday (see photo). As he came upstairs to our apartment he made the comment “I see Whoopi Goldberg was here before me and loaned you her hairstyle”. He also complimented us regarding the show saying “It never gets old; every time I see it, it looks new”.

Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw were also in attendance and I took them into my bedroom where there was a White Tiger and an Asian Leopard there with whom I meditated each night before the second show.
Steven Spielberg said to me with a big smile, “Thank you for bringing Indiana Jones to life right in front of us”.
One time when we saw Robin Siegfried looked at him and asked “Is there something wrong with you? Did you not like the show?” Robin replied, “No I loved it I’m just having one of those days.”  Siegfried said, “I think that all of us in the entertainment business battle demons – I know I do. It comes from the pressure that you put on yourself that each show must be better than the previous one. I go through it all the time, but I licked mine when I went to Puerto Rico – away from everything – now I am myself again.”
Robin would also imitate our German accents yelling “Yavol” when he saw us. Siegfried told him that when we came to America we did not have accents – we picked them up at the airport!
There is one thing we can say about Robin Williams; “Great is he who reminds you of no other”. There will definitely not be another Robin Williams – he was the one and only.
There is an old saying that when you laugh the world laughs with you, but when you cry you cry alone… Good night Robin.