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joanTo Our Dear Friends & Fans,

With sadness we have to ask you one more time to join us in mourning the passing of another dear friend, Joan Rivers. The circle gets smaller and smaller. She had courage and ambition – she was elegant and graceful, and she had a mouth liked a truck driver!

Her wit was so quick – her instant reply was directed right at you. It didn’t matter if you were a Friend or just an Associate, she would come straight at you! Her clever dialogue made her the “Queen of Comedy”.

As you can see by the photo – circa early 1970’s – we go way back. When she saw my moustache, she commented that it was old fashioned – she said, “Errol
Flynn is gone!” – so I shaved it off at her advice. She was part of our early NBC Television special – she performed as a magician’s assistant and became part of our awards show during which we sawed her in half! You saw how well we put her back together….

You hear about appearances for the President at The White House or at The Palace for the Queen but when you get the request for a command performance from the Man Upstairs, no one can say “No” – sorry, Joan. It is our loss, but they need entertainment up there too, so when I hear an Angel laugh I will know you are doing your job. Humor is needed to take off the pressure from the tumult on Earth.

You WERE the red carpet – without you the red carpet is nothing. You are elite in the Women of Comedy – you were a great teacher. What will all of the protégés do now – “Can we talk?”

We treasure our memories of unforgettable you –

Love, Hugs and Kisses
From your Magical Friends in Las Vegas,