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In Honor of Labor Day


The spirit of Labor Day has always had a special meaning for us, both as individuals and as American citizens. From a young age, both of us were raised with the importance of meaningful work in life. Roy’s mother always said, “If you want something, roll up your sleeves.” Siegfried always believed that “hard work, commitment and perseverance were the keys to success.” It was these values that laid the foundation for this great country and made it a place where “Nothing Is Impossible” – the perfect place for two young magicians and dreamers from Germany. When we first arrived in Las Vegas, the desert town was very young and Siegfried missed the trees of his Homeland. So after the show, Roy went out to our land, often with a tiger, lion or his dogs as moonlight companions, and planted trees, one at a time. Soon a dozen became a hundred, and hundred more and more… Today, Siegfried has his own Bavarian forest just outside his doorstep. It is the same with life: we work hard to plant and care for our young dreams and soon they will become the magical reality you imagined. And remember” Nothing Is Impossible.”
Wishing you a wonderful and restful Holiday,