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Siegfried and Roy Launch the SARMOTI Foundation


More than $130,000 was raised at the event that served as the kick-off for the SARMOTI Foundation, Siegfried & Roy’s philanthropic effort on behalf of animal conservation, preservation and education. The first grant from the foundation will be awarded to TUSK USA, which works to preserve lions and other endangered animals in Africa.

“In Africa, where Tusk’s work is focused, we have witnessed lion populations plummet – from both habitat loss as well as targeted poaching for body parts that are much in demand in the Far East, said Meredith Ogilvie-Thompson, Executive Director of TUSK USA. “The most recent estimates put lion numbers at less than 20,000 left in the wild in Africa.”

Siegfried & Roy applauded the work of TUSK and said that this is just the beginning of the far-reaching impact they hope to achieve with the SARMOTI Foundation. “The SARMOTI Foundation is the vessel of our legacy: we will continue to channel our lifelong philanthropic efforts into supporting the causes and people that are affecting the lives of animals and children globally,” said Siegfried & Roy. “TUSK’s work to preserve the big cats of Africa is a mission we wholeheartedly support.”

For more about the SARMOTI Foundation, click HERE.