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Roy Celebrates His Birthday in Style at the Mirage


A man’s life and indomitable spirit and a duo’s expanding philanthropic vision were celebrated at Roy Horn’s 69th birthday party on October 3 at The Mirage Resort & Casino. More than 250 friends attended the black tie birthday party, Roy and Siegfried & Roy were honored with awards from the American Humane Society and proclamations from Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. Mirage headliner, Terry Fator thrilled the guests with a surprise performance and the guests praised Roy with testimonials, including a moving speech from businesswoman and philanthropist Elaine Wynn.


In Honor of Labor Day


The spirit of Labor Day has always had a special meaning for us, both as individuals and as American citizens. From a young age, both of us were raised with the importance of meaningful work in life. Roy’s mother always said, “If you want something, roll up your sleeves.” Siegfried always believed that “hard work, commitment and perseverance were the keys to success.” It was these values that laid the foundation for this great country and made it a place where “Nothing Is Impossible” – the perfect place for two young magicians and dreamers from Germany. When we first arrived in Las Vegas, the desert town was very young and Siegfried missed the trees of his Homeland. So after the show, Roy went out to our land, often with a tiger, lion or his dogs as moonlight companions, and planted trees, one at a time. Soon a dozen became a hundred, and hundred more and more… Today, Siegfried has his own Bavarian forest just outside his doorstep. It is the same with life: we work hard to plant and care for our young dreams and soon they will become the magical reality you imagined. And remember” Nothing Is Impossible.”
Wishing you a wonderful and restful Holiday,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Traditionally, Mother’s Day is a time when we honor our maternal mothers, those beloved beings who gave us birth, sheltered, protected and nourished us, and guided our steps until we could walk on our own into adulthood. On this day, give love, honor and gratitude to your own blessed mothers. Also on this day, we invite you to honor all of the life giving aspects of our own Mother Earth, whose elements of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit sustain our lives and all the living things with whom we share this beautiful paradise. We invite you to return the bounty bestowed so generously on us by our Mother planet by conserving, protecting and preserving the gifts we receive each day so they may be here for us now and for generations to come.

With love and gratitude, Siegfried & Roy

Prayers for Boston and Beyond…


Happy Easter from Siegfried and Roy!

eggEaster and Spring are seasons bursting with the spirit of Rebirth and Renewal. In this joyful time of new beginnings symbolized for centuries by the Egg, we – and Java – wish you much success, happiness and fulfillment in your life.
Siegfried & Roy

Siegfried & Roy Celebrate Joel Olstein

Siegfried & Roy with Joel Osteen and Family at the Night of Hope in Las Vegas.

Joel’s family also toured the Secret Garden during their visit.


“Secret Garden Chocolates” Now at the Mirage

We are very happy to announce that Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden Chocolates have arrived in the Secret Garden Stores and at Impulse inside the Mirage. We offer a box of three 1.75 bars of Premium Caramel Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate and a 3 oz bar of Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, all graced with beautiful portraits of the cats of the Secret Garden. These delicious confections are the perfect gift for any cat lover (even if it’s you!) on any occasion.


Schools Praise “Tales From The Jungle Palace” Activity Books

Siegfried & Roy donated copies of “Tales From The Jungle Palace” to a Trinity Lutheran School in Toledo, Ohio and received these kind words and these wonderful “thank you” drawings from her 4th grade students.

“The activity books have arrived, and the children are delighted. There were enough to share with the fourth grade children as well.  We are seeing lots of happy dances down the hallway.  Thank you so much for your kindness.”

“While so far we have only explored the first book (Java’s Bad Day), the message is so valuable.  My students sometimes fail to see how richly blessed their lives really are, and how so many people in the world have so much less.  We often take what we have for granted.  Sharon indicated that the book with an anti bullying message is also going to be coming out soon.  While we do not have too many serious issues with this, we still have some issues.  It is such a sweet way for you to reach out to the children, helping them grow up as productive and thoughtful members of society.” Read the rest of Schools Praise “Tales From The Jungle Palace” Activity Books »

Welcome to the new S&R Website!

Here you will find tales of our humble beginnings in post war Germany, discover the moments when our individual dreams were born and how we joined together as a team, learn the philosophies and beliefs that lie at the heart of all we do and discover the wonder and magic of our decades of performances. We look forward to you meeting our family of Royal White Tigers and Lions and our jaguar and panther dynasty. You will also learn about their home at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden at the Mirage in Las Vegas where you can visit them year round.

Giving back has always been important to us so we will share with you the charities we support and most important, how you can join us to help, preserve, protect and conserve tigers, lions and all endangered animals who are threatened by extinction.

Please visit here with us often: we have many more wonders to share with you!

Until We Meet Again,

Auf Wiedersehen,




Secret Garden Season Pass Now Available!

IMG_0440In response to guest demand, the Mirage has created a Season Pass that gives you unlimited access for one calendar year to The Secret Garden for one LOW price! Now you can visit our world famous white tigers and lions and panthers and see the amazing and ever playful dolphins as many times as you wish. And you also get 10% off at the Dolphin Shop (excluding Cashman Photography and Letter Art)) and watch for more special offers for Season Pass holders in the future.
Adult Season Passes are $49.99
Children’s Season Passes are $37.50
(That’s LESS than three standard admissions!)
For more information and to order your Secret Garden Season Pass, click HERE