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Dear Friends and Fans.

It is the International Day of the Tiger and sadly we have lost 97% of all wild tigers in a bit over 100 years. Instead of 100,000, as few as 3000 live in the wild today. A number of Tiger species are already extinct in the wild. At this rate, all tigers living in the wild could be extinct in 5 years!

Two primary reasons of this unprecedented decline are –

Habitat loss
Tigers lost 93% of their natural habitat due to the expansion of cities and agriculture by humans.Fewer tigers can survive in small, scattered islands of habitat, which lead to a higher risk of inbreeding

Human wildlife conflict
People and tigers are competing for space. The conflict threatens the world’s remaining wild tigers and poses a major problem for communities living in or near tiger forests.

YOU can make a Difference on International Tiger Day in the survival of Tigers in the Wild:

Donate to the SAVE THE TIGER Foundation
Learn about the status of these magnificent animals