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Siegfried: “The Big Idea changes everything: you need courage to dream but fortitude to compel it into being. Success is what follows when one listens to their inner voice and steadfastly pursues one’s dreams.”

Roy: “When we encounter what is real, it may be challenging, it may be hurtful but it will make you grow. I had butterflies every night on stage: suffering is part of growing up; it makes you stronger, clearer. Your outlook, your point of view on your life is very important. Be truthful to yourself.”

Siegfried:  “Roy would say, “we must be fearless.” The journey is the destination. We just did it. He would say, “If you try, you are already lost. If you do it, you DO it. We must put our lives into the work.”



Roy: “Siegfried and I always reached beyond our means. When we arrived in Las Vegas we had two cheetahs, a jaguar and two flamingoes. We were making $800 a week at the Tropicana. We rented an old ranch formerly owned by Errol Flynn. At night after our shows, I dug out a pond for the flamingoes.”

Siegfried: “Roy was difficult but what he was dreaming and imagining for us was difficult. It was my job to bring it down and make it real. Roy helps raise me up and I help bring him down. We meet in the middle and that is the magic.”

Roy: “We originally had a three month contract in Vegas. Las Vegas was my kind of town: it was an empty canvas and as magicians, we could create anything. I said to Siegfried, “This is our town and we will conquer it.” So I decided we should buy a house. Siegfried said, no, he missed the trees of home. I said, “we can plant trees”. Siegfried said, “Do what you like.”  So I bought a house from an airline pilot. When the escrow came through, Siegfried said, “You’re serious. I want no part of it.” So I painted it myself. I painted boxes for furniture, I bought candles from Pier One. After the show, I invited Siegfried over and lit all the candles, the cheetahs were running around; it felt like home. Siegfried looked around and said, “OK, I’m in.” And we when off to Pier One to buy more furniture.”



Siegfried: “Roy loved a challenge, the more impossible the better. He created the situation and opened the way for me to realize it. Roy made me look at the stars.”

Roy: “Siegfried is the big brother I always wanted to have; someone to support and protect me. His mind is so intense.”

Siegfried: “I never thought about me in an ego way. We did what we did out of love, not for success or money. We did it out of deep respect for each other. We literally raised each other: I created Roy and Roy created Siegfried.”