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Siegfried on Magic:

“Magic is a way of thinking; how you develop it: everything has its own way. Conceive it in your imagination and your mind and then on stage: it must be clear in your mind before it is expressed.”

Roy on Magic:

“In a world where mystery is all too easily taken away, it is our job to put it back. We seek to move beyond the known and bring back experiences that amaze and inspire wonder.”

Siegfried: ”The show came from within. Roy didn’t interfere; he trusted and respected me. The show grew with you; it happened to you. My life was consumed by the show: the stage was my life. I constantly sought ways to fix  and improve: it was a constant process. I related to people through the show. Emotion was only connected through the show. All offstage life was preparing to be onstage. I was in charge: I constantly wanted to make it better. I was never satisfied; there was never a perfect show. I punished myself for this. But I felt this was my job, my responsibility. From the beginning of my career, I always wanted to give my audiences everything. I never held back. Money or time was never an issue. I did my best always, I gave all I could give. That’s my commitment to the audience in thanks for them coming.”

Roy: “People were hungry for the experience, to connect with us and the tigers; they were always so ready, so excited. We treated all of our guests equally: the king and laymen were equal. We want them to picture themselves in the show.”

Roy: ”We are Merchants of Dreams: our craft is that of being Mediators. We are the bridge between the audience and the experience. Everything you give to them is emotion and aspiration: we make them believe in themselves and say, “Yes, you can walk with us in this Magical Universe. we can go there together…”

Siegfried: ”When it is working, you and the audience become one: that connection comes from within. I saw this in their faces every night and event today when people recognize me.  People never say, “Hey, man, how did you make the tigers disappear?” They say, “You gave me so much pleasure.” It always come from the heart.”


Roy: ”Our task is to extend magic over the footlights into the audience. They are our barometer of success.  I want them to be everything I am; to live with me for a moment. This is our invitation to our audience: to fulfill the wishes and wildest dreams. To do this, we must be vulnerable to gain their trust and surrender as we must be with the animals.”

Siegfried: ”In the show, I knew what I had to do; I was so sure about what I was doing because I did it every day. The show had a beat and I could feel the audience’s heart. I used music as a counterpoint that had to be in harmony with Roy and the show. Yes, Roy could be difficult but he always delivered.”

Roy: ”I’m not a troublemaker: I just create certain situations.”