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The SARMOTI Foundation

The SARMOTI Foundation is dedicated to Protect, Conserve and Preserve endangered and threatened animals globally, with particular focus on the big cats: tigers, lions, cheetahs, panthers and leopards. The Foundation’s programs, events and products Entertain, Educate and Motivate the public to take direct action to prevent the extinction of big cats in our lifetime. The Foundation supports other individuals and organizations who share their mission through publicity, promotion, scholarships and grants.

“Nothing is impossible” – this is the philosophy of Siegfried & Roy and their extraordinary lives are a testament to its truth for them. And for these exceptional men, the very real prospect of the imminent extinction of their beloved tigers and lions is simply not an option.

The preservation and conservation of tigers and lions, in fact all endangered and threatened animals, has been a part of Siegfried & Roy’s philosophy and vision from the outset. Professionally and personally, their animals have always received only the best care, with no expense spared. For decades, they have rescued cats in captivity and in the wild, established landmark standards for animal care and worked internationally with zoos in support of big cats. By featuring them in their performances, Siegfried & Roy created the White Tiger as a universal icon for all big cats and the critical importance to protect and preserve them in the wild.

Siegfried & Roy know that nothing is more affecting, inspiring and motivating than the experience of seeing the beauty and majesty of living animals in an intimate, natural setting. This direct and personal experience, when combined with inspirational and educational content, far exceeds the impact of media information or image and is essential to viscerally connect people with these amazing animals and enroll them in their preservation.

It is the desire and intention of Siegfried & Roy that the SARMOTI Foundation become the vessel of their legacy and philosophy of conservation and the means through which the big cats they love can survive and prevail for the enjoyment of generations to come.